6 to go, 5 after this and only three originals. The last two will be almost 40 minute waterpark and beach specials. Might take me a bit longer as I’m busy, busy. Shoulda been done by today.

If someone told me 4.5 years ago when i joined that I would spend my spare time from mid 2013-2015 following females around filming their asses then sharing over 700 videos on the internet I’d have told them to fuck off, yet here we are, 2 years shooting, 2 years retired and almost emptied my HD.

This is a great ass. Enjoy it, they’ve nearly all gone and fuck knows how I will stay away from these places once I have no content but Its good to be liberated from this shit. Some will be doing it in their 40s and 50s and 60s. Some will not give up because they love the adulation that providing perve material brings. Weird one that and I know, I felt a bit like that at one time….but then I realised, this is nothing to be proud of. Do something to be proud of in real life.



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