Alright, so let’s be honest… I know a lot of you wait around just to see me finally share another vid. You just can’t wait to see my point of view.. Right?
You wanna see that booty close up in your face. You want what you can’t have, and yet can at the same time. You want to see the treasured babes that I keep to myself. And, well, as much as I like to tease with the passing time, I think I just might want to share a few things.

Honestly, I have accumulated a lot of videos in just the month of March alone , most of it being what I consider Absolute content of ravers and bikinis. Will you get to see some of it? I don’t’ll just have to wait and see ..

I’ll jump right in with one, [Absolute content #8].
This girl had a nice juicy one hanging out. Her body language was telling me she felt exposed. Couldn’t stay too long though, definitely had to look around. Apologies for the lint in the cam, only vid with that particular flaw.




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