I first saw this teen in Starbucks and pretty much screwed up the shoot at first. She was the only one in line so I rushed to get behind her and catch what I could, figuring she would not stick around. She had just come from “The Cheesecake Factory” nearby and got an Iced Mocha to wash it down. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the shots I wanted in Starbucks (she was in that “Captain Morgan” pose for quite some time..but I missed the chance). I went into the bookstore to find a new subject when, lo and behold, there she was facetiming and looking for a book to read. In Starbucks, she almost seemed suspicious of me. In the bookstore, I was like a ghost. I took advantage of her distractions and cluelessness to get low-angle shots that show off her wedgie, a low squat shot to show off that booty, face shots, and frontal shots that display her hungry crotch! All around a delicious meal from Ms. Mocha Cheesecake. She also gave off a unique vibe…, which made her stand out more. Love her full PINK attire all around (obviously the PINK dog leggings, but also her long-sleeve shirt) and find the way she tucked her socks into her grey leggings especially sexy. Enjoy!


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